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Ike Lemuwa has been recognized for his poetic skills, his powerful speeches and his coaching abilities. In fact there is more to him. His is an honored Real Estate Developer and former investment Banker. In the present times, he has set up series of organizations with the singular interest, to provide substantial aid and assistance to be small scale groups, local and middle size business ventures, individual dealers and traders of commercial world. Even the government and non governmental bodies and agencies have the opportunity to avail and benefit from his funding and aiding services. His group of organization largely looks into generating grass root marketing tactics and in a way works towards helping the potential clients create a space of their own in the to make their presence in the competitive market.

Ike Lemuwa Production wing will be concentrating on the lucrative producing ventures that the companies will be eager to take on. Our services would be available to the potential clients who are looking forward to establishing media related business programs. We provide extensive services in conducting thorough research on the basis of cliental demand for specific scripts for production benefits.

Our in house expert script writers and work towards making available premium quality output, with absolute innovation as a part of their prime agenda. The reasonability of the script writing team never ends at this juncture. We do notice several productive scripts getting less public perview and facing unfortunate rejection because clients fail to approach the right person or production company. We make their dreams come true, for we make sure that the scripts we work on with your request, to see the light of the day. Ike Lemuwa Production makes all things possible to avoid premature dead of both your scripts and your production ventures.

We make it certain to provide our customers high end script versions. Thus, holding on to our promise we have a provision of expert script and screenplay consultants and writers at our disposition. These employees make the best out of provided ideas from the client’s end. Adhering to company policies, clientel interests and the market requirements, they are successful at fulfilling all the prerequisites so far provided to them.

Apart from scriptwriting, general market research and making sure that the whole effort being a huge success, we also provide interested clients the services like criticizing existing scripting, remodeling and suggesting better ways of representation of ideas. Moreover, we also concentrate on introducing freshness in the specialized contents and film or video scripts. The idea remains, we are set to keep you getting the best out of all your business activities.