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Link comprehensive research and writing group is dedicated to the specific client requirements. Since the very service describes the actual working of the group, the moderators promise absolute quality outputs. Speaking of the work that the in house employees are entrusted with, Link Comprehensive Research and writing Group set up appropriate research and writing support team that cater to the long list of customers registered regularly. We address the clients in forms of individuals’ requests groups’ concepts, apart from working for projects handled by community organizations and corporations.

The Essential Areas of specializations

Comprehensive Community Development Business Plan

Link Comprehensive Research and writing group is set to help communities and organizations to improve upon their existing business strategies, at the same time, our experts work out newer and better business plans. Our experts, study the market trends, analyses the possibilities of revival, and also the areas that require quite action in a specific business firm of the client. At the end, the customers are armed with most decisive business writing formats that show the way to success.

Comprehensive Community Feasibility Studies

To increase community presences in the industry market and make the organization find its own niche, experts at Link Comprehensive Research and writing group conduct thorough feasibility studies to ensure steady development in the client business ventures.

White Papers

Link Comprehensive Research and writing group help you to deal with the specific white paper issues and suggests you effective ways to come out of critical situations. Our business writing consultants are adequately skilled to serve the purposes.

Special Reports

When it comes to preparing special reports, to analyze the organizational growth and status, in house company experts face endless hurdles. The experts work in collaboration with your existing market research team and make sure that you receive the right figures you were so long looking for.

Specialized niche newsletters

Preparing newsletters that is supposed to address a pre determined community niche, the group is experienced enough to help you out.

Specialized Script research and writing

The Ike Lemuwa production deals with large scale content and script writing services. Having said this, we do come across project that demand critical handling. The team dealing with Specialized Script research and writing department is adequate enough to deliver standard outputs that will surely meet the cliental demands.

Comprehensive Individuals, Groups, Community and Business Grant Proposals

Link Comprehensive Research and writing group make available specific business proposals for the approaching individuals, groups and communities. This is done to liquidate the possibilities of negotiable business dealings and joint ventures amidst interested business parties.

Comprehensive RFP and Specialized Subject Matter Writing.

Lastly, Link Comprehensive Research and writing group is expertise in preparing comprehensive RFP and specializes in on-demand subject matter writing for the benefits of the clients. Thus feel free to approach us.