The Ike Lemuwa Group, LLC/Ike Lemuwa

Services We Provide

Ike Lemuwa Group with its several corporate partners from different parts of the world are spread over two hundred nations throughout the world.

Profitable Fundraising, Grassroots Marketing Campaign

A poet, a speaker and an excellent coach, Ike Lemuwa is recognized as a Real Estate Developer and former investment Banker. He is currently helping groups, local business

Help Rebuilding Credit, Credit Building Services

Ike Lemuwa funding group assists new time business ventures, individual efforts and several community organizations to establish their private services in the market.

Private Label Strategy, Private Label Services

Ike Lemuwa Private label services are directed towards helping the small time companies and individual business ventured to establish their presence in the ever competitive market

Young CEO Club, Exclusive Club

Ike Lemuwa CEO Club better known as Ike Lemuwa Chief Executive Officer Club is one prime step towards a co operative venture, to assist all organizations working along the countries to get towards a rightful purpose...

Custom Book Publishing, Online Book Publishers

In simple terms, publishing is the art of production and dissemination of information or literature. For publishing any type of Community Branding Materials, Business Books..

Expert Script Writers, Screenplay Consultants

Ike Lemuwa has been recognized for his poetic skills, his powerful speeches and his coaching abilities. In fact there is more to him. His is an honored Real Estate Developer and former..

CEO Coaching, Business Mastermind Group

Ike Lemuwa Mastermind Platinum Group has been formed with the idea to bring about new ways of approaching the issues and crisis that the industrial sphere undergoes from time to time.

Choosing A Niche Market, Joint Venture Expert

When it comes to choosing a niche market, Ike Lemuwa Link Joint Venture Partnership Group assists clients to conduct the appropriate surveys and market studies.

Buying Investment Properties, International Property Investment

Ike Lemuwa Properties Group is dedicated to assist the approaching clients with stand proof advices in matters of buying investment properties.

Corporate Partnering, Corporate Social Media Strategy

The on-growing demands of the ever competitive marketing scenario can be thoroughly described with effective corporate partnership strategies. Ike Lemuwa Corporate Partnership Group

Business Writing Formats, Business Writing Consultants

Link comprehensive research and writing group is dedicated to the specific client requirements. Since the very service describes the actual working of the group,