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Ike Lemuwa Mastermind Platinum Group has been formed with the idea to bring about new ways of approaching the issues and crisis that the industrial sphere undergoes from time to time. Be it the negotiation problems or the failing market presence for certain business enterprise, we believe that we are, at the end, responsible to our customers. Thus, keeping the customer’s interest in mind and looking at our own growth tendencies, we provide essential CEO coaching facilities and suggestions for mutual relationships. We encourage CEOs of specialized companies to come together and discuss about the industry problems, keeping the focus on deriving at the best possible solutions. Their responsibilities do not end there, for we need to look out for the effective results from the statements and policies made in the sessions. It is only then that the interactive sessions will achieve their appropriate meaning.

The Mastermind Platinum group will look into the community requirements and ensure that they are able to meet the raising community demands accordingly. The group is likely to draw members from all the industrial sectors. Thus, the present age industrial requirements have to be addressed simultaneously. This would mean that the member organizations should have the right kind of attitude, the adequate awareness strategies to deal with all types of crisis. The most important criteria would surely be the extent of responsibilities any member should have towards the emerging environmental problems. Indeed addressing socio-economic events rising from specific industrial activities would always be an intrinsic part of the group.

Being a specialized group the member CEOs are in fact, in a better position to suggest improvement strategies and development plans to the smaller companies and also to the individually run enterprises. Often, one-shot business ventures in spite of having the potential to gain market visibility, fall short of luck. Interestingly, one can hardly blame their luck, if their marketing tactics do not suit the real time demands. Business failures are also accounted in case the pre market studies and researches have been faulty and yet have been undermined. The business mastermind group works upon all these segments and adopts a junior CEO to function as a primary spokesman for the new and existing small and middle scale industry entities. Memberships are granted to all organizations, communities and individuals. In case the members and the applicants are trying to gather sponsorships they should make a note that registrations take place according the appearances in the waiting list.