Profitable Fundraising, Grassroots Marketing Campaign

The Ike Lemuwa Community Fundraising Coaching Group
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A poet, a speaker and an excellent coach, Ike Lemuwa is recognized as a Real Estate Developer and former investment Banker. He is currently helping groups, local business organizations, individuals and several government agencies in grass root marketing tactics to make their presence felt within various niche communities.

Ike Lemuwa Community Fundraising Coaching Group assembles individuals, groups, professional fundraising personnel from different corners of the world to share their different innovative ideas in motivating various countries, continents, states for donating funds.

This group arranges several grassroots marketing campaign, workshops, conferences, grass root seminars taking help of the local community leaders and local people. The seminars, workshops, conferences are arranged for those who are interested in fundraising and are also meant for people who are not getting the desired output in this field. Apart from these the group is working towards arranging workshops for the community benefits.

Grass root marketing campaign

It is the process to market ones services or product on a local or personal level. It is the best way to reach the customers providing at the same time, chance of getting to know each other in a better way. It helps you to turn your consumers and influencers into the supporters of your company. This group gives adequate research based information on how to make your marketing campaign a huge success. They will help you to learn about the tactics of how to plan and implement a marketing campaign that will work for any small or large company.


These are arranged to give enriched information on various aspects of fundraising. Experts from different corner of the world give tips on the processes of profitable fundraising.


The seminars are useful for those people who are really in need of training on fundraising. These seminars will help you to understand, how one can be involved in fundraising actively.


Apart from workshops and seminars, several conferences are also arranged by the group to give guidance in fund raising activities and procedures involved with it. The conferences are aimed at involving experts and researchers from the specific fields to aid interested clients.

Ike Lemuwa Coaching Group with its several corporate partners from different parts of the world are spread over two hundred nations throughout the world.

So, if you are failing to make available the required funds for your organization and want to learn the tactics, Ike Lemuwa Community Fundraising Coaching Group knows the possible ways.