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Ike Lemuwa CEO Club better known as Ike Lemuwa Chief Executive Officer Club is one prime step towards a co operative venture, to assist all organizations working along the countries to get towards a rightful purpose. Now we are talking about purpose, we would strictly mean an exchange of the befitting ideas and concepts from which each and every industrial segment is likely to benefit. CEO clubs came into existence to form an effective global business platform. It was, and is still now looked upon as an influential podium for organizing exchange programs for business heads from similar and even varied organizations.

Keeping aside exaggeration, Ike Lumewa CEO club looks forward to participation of conglomerate heads to enter into amiable forum discussions and forge interactive procedures that are going to help all the present members of the club. Thus, we are looking forward to include club activities both formal and informal to allow the members a befitting chance to get to know each other, apart from their individual market presence. Talking about the much needed activities, we are going to organize necessary educational opportunities for the participating members, thus giving them an opportunity to learn the best ways to improve their business acumen. The members of this exclusive club will be at a better position to judge themselves the numerous innovative ways ofrunning the market demands in their own favor. In addition to these, since the local industrial personnel will be participating, the interested national or international enterprise heads will get a chance to understand future possibilities of expansion into these sections, first hand from the existing firms.

Our proposals for interactive sessions stand to our indication of bringing the best of the industry under one roof. Ike Lemuwa CEO Club is all set to formulate workshops and seminars for the benefit of none in particular, but all the members at the same time. To add on to this we are going to organize several round table conferences, whereby the members can discuss pressing issues and come to informal but equally important negotiable terms. The young CEO Club will at the same time hold recreational activities for both the members and their families to participate in. You can expect matchmaking events to come up regularly and even speech sessions where we will arrange authors and experts dealing with specific business forums to share their personal and commercial views with the members.

We are eager to look beyond the socio-political implications of our industrial bases and thus, our aim rightfully defines our mission to work together for a complete industrial development.