The massive overhaul of Wall Street has uncovered more than a few bad apples and unsavory practices. Just as Americans thought, Wall Street has been in it for the money all along. To regain the trust of the people, Wall Street will likely need to engage in a serious campaign of corporate loyalty branding.

Corporations are viewed as greedy, self-serving entities that would sell their own souls to make a buck. Yet, there is a way to change this less-than-desirable image. Corporations need to brand themselves. They need to brand themselves in a way that fosters loyalty, not disdain.

Sure, consumers want to know that any corporation can make money. Investors want to be assured that they will get a good return. But, in the long run, any corporation that doesn’t count the loyalty of everyone they deal with as a feather in their cap will not be king of the heap for long. A better option will come along, and investors, consumers, and even employees will scatter.

Many corporations are now branding themselves as community partners, enabling consumers to view their good works as evidence that they are interested in more than making a profit – they’re truly interested in the “little people.”

Some corporations do this through a campaign of donations. Others highlight their interest in saving the environment. Still others provide excellent employee benefits. Large or small, the organization that engages in corporate loyalty branding is more likely to be around as a key player for longer than those that don’t. Make sure that corporate loyalty branding is part of your company’s marketing strategy.