Attorneys are not the most beloved service providers on the planet. After all, it was William Shakespeare who said “First, let’s kill all the lawyers.” Although, Shakespeare was speaking specifically of corrupt attorneys, the image of any attorney is almost exclusively based on the perception of skill, trust, and empathy that surrounds that individual. Yes, image is all about perception, not always actual competence. Even the best lawyer can be dethroned by a bad image. Success is all about Attorney Loyalty Branding.

Your clients can select anyone they want to represent them. Why should they choose you? What makes your services more valuable than your peers? Are you better at what you do? Do you offer more reasonable rates? Focus on what makes you great, and sell it!

Branding is a way of selling yourself. It’s a form of marketing. Attorney loyalty branding is a combination of branding, the marketing end; and loyalty, establishing trust with your clients, your peers, and the public.

But, don’t forget – you have to deliver on any form of branding. Attorney loyalty branding, without the dedication to back it up with great customer service, solid and skillful representation, and meaningful professional relationships is worthless. It’s up to you to build an attorney loyalty brand that works for you. Start now!